AI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing

We analyze how technology can help a client’s business, do the necessary research legwork on their behalf, and implement practical solutions that impact the top and bottom line.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is simply making decisions based on machine prediction. It’s estimated 30% of business decisions are wrong, another 30% of business decisions do not have an optimal outcome. Imagine the impact on your top and bottom line revenue with actionable data to make smarter decisions regarding how to sell to existing clients or how to target new markets based on predictive factors of buying behavior? IDS can show you how to utilize cognitive computing to improve business decision making.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning can help businesses design systems that are better able to perform pattern recognition and make more accurate predictions. IDS approaches technology based on the financial ROI impact to your business. Here are three business vertical examples:

Retail – AI helps inform better forecasts and increase transaction sizes through more personalized recommendations to eCommerce buyers.

Financial Services – Machine Learning techniques can find non-obvious connections between leading indicators of how assets will react to various market conditions and events. While statistical analysis tools like SAS can help you create regression models on historical data, these models are often brittle, and unable to adapt to a constantly changing environment. This results in a drift of accuracy of predictions.

Supply Chain – AI can help optimize inventory positioning into strategically located distribution centers and shorten delivery times.

Partner with IDS on your cognitive computing, AI or machine learning journey

Partners who engage in R&D project can benefit by lowering their R&D costs, but the greatest benefit is time. We have the team ready and able to work on your new concept. You will not need to recruit, hire, train and retain talent in an area that inherently has low supply.

Since the greatest benefit will come to the first to market, being able to innovate faster will enable you to grab market share before competitors can enter the space.

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